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Session Name: Reducing the Churn: Put an End To Constant Redeploy Cycles With Continuous Observability

Bug in production are a fact of life. They're the spores of our industry, even the best CI/CD processes can't eliminate them all. DevOps revolutionized the industry and made high availability commonplace. Part of the process was strict control over server/container deployment including strict limits on R&D. That's great for long term stability. But it makes the process of tracking a production issue MUCH harder. R&D needs to go through logs, or observability tools hoping to find the root cause. If they can't find it they need to add logs/instrumentation and go through CI/CD again... And again... And again...This slows down development, ops and leaves potentially critical bugs in production. It's still better than giving R&D direct access to production. This is the problem solved by continuous observability. It lets developers debug a production system without the risks. In this session we will discuss continuous observability. How it can be used by developers and ops. How to deploy, secure it and more.



Speaker Bio:

Developer advocate for Lightrun, co-founder of Codename One, open source hacker, speaker, author, blogger, Java rockstar and more. ex-Sun/Oracle guy with 30 years of professional development experience. Shai built virtual machines, development tools, mobile phone environments, banking systems, startup/enterprise backends, user interfaces, development frameworks and much more.

Shai speaks at conferences all over the world and shared the stage with luminaries such as James Gossling (father of Java). Shai is an award winning highly rated speaker with a knack for engaging the audience and deep technical chops.