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Shai Almog

Shai Almog


Session Name: On-call done right: how even a developer can help

It’s another night on-call, and a customer is reporting a problem with one of your key services. The logs and the monitoring systems tell you nothing, and so it’s time to wake up one of the on-call developers. You can already predict what they’re going to say - that they “don’t see anything on their end” and that they “can’t understand why you woke them up, again, for what is clearly a problem on your end”. Same old, same old... You have to remember, though, that while you have all the tools at your disposal - the developers don’t. They wrote and pushed the code, and at that point have transferred the responsibility to you - they don’t have the same context. This talk discusses this gap, and what we can do to close it.



Speaker Bio:

Developer advocate for Lightrun, co-founder of Codename One, open source hacker, speaker, author, blogger, Java rockstar, and more. ex-Sun/Oracle guy with 30 years of professional development experience. Shai built virtual machines, development tools, mobile phone environments, banking systems, startup/enterprise backends, user interfaces, development frameworks, and much more. Shai speaks at conferences all over the world and shared the stage with luminaries such as James Gossling (father of Java). Shai is an award-winning highly rated speaker with a knack for engaging the audience and deep technical chops.