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Sean O'Dell


Sean O'Dell


Sean is a Cloud Advocate at VMWare focusing on how developers are utilizing and consuming services from the Public Clouds.

- Reformed Data Center and Virtualization Pre-Sales Engineer
- Reformed Network Virtualization and SDN Architect and Evangelist
- Dedicate to all things Public Cloud and Cloud Native
- Growing Developer with experience Go, CSS and HTML ;)

Sean joined the VMware Cloud Services team in early 2017 during the initial phase and launch of cloud services. Sean has been with VMware for over 8 years with a minor detour to a startup; Arkin, for 14 months that was subsequently acquired by VMware. Sean spent four and half years focusing on VMware's Cloud Management solutions during the initial build out of vRealize Solutions. Arkin; now Network Insight, was a SaaS Network Operations management platform focused on VMware NSX and AWS. Prior to joining VMware, Sean was a customer with a focus on Security, Compliance and Enterprise Management for a large public company architecting and managing 30,000 endpoints and servers.

Session: Automate Everyday Tasks With Functions

This demonstration (and talk) is something my team is passionate about and focused on each and every day. Whether a developer, cloud engineer or infrastructure engineer, we all get caught up in the everyday mundane tasks. Why not utilize the power of functions and serverless to make our lives easier?

I will explore the following areas and provide examples of automating everyday tasks:

- Visibility - Is my database or RDS instance backed up?
- Governance - Do all of my assets have the proper tags for identification and consumption?
- Security - Am I exposing my EC2 instance via an IAM policy?

Utilizing Amazon Lambda or some other function solution, the goal of this session is to get the attendee thinking about where they can begin their automation (optimization) journey. Maybe even with a little bit of CI/CD to spice things up.