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Sean Davis


Sean Davis


Sean is an IT veteran with almost 20 years of experience covering virtually every sector of IT. Approaching problems with childlike wonder, leveraging a library of skills as a polyglot and solving the unsolvable is the day-to-day. His current primary areas of expertise are around DevOps, Agile, Life Coaching, and Business Transformation. He loves to meet people, share knowledge and help others grow. 

Session: Breaking Bad - DevOpsSec To DevSecOps

Bureaucracy is often used interchangeably with regulation when it comes to security, and shadow IT seems to be the go-to approach to get things done. With several DevOps transformations and project initiatives under his belt, Sean Davis will show you how instead of breaking bad you can turn your DevOpsSec, where security gates your DevOps, into a successful DevSecOps initiatives while keeping the politics and turf wars at bay.

Driving initiatives by proven methods such as value stream mapping and resource alignment, he'll show how security brings value in every step of the pipeline. Sean will share proven strategic and tactical methods and approaches on how you can cross the IT vs. security rubicon and deliver value to both sides so you don't end up like Walter by the end of your journey.

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