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Sean Brady

Sean Brady

Dept of Defense

Session Name: Addressing Culture Change around DevSecOps

The DoD recognizes DSO adoption as a key enabler of its mission to deliver critical, software-intensive capabilities at the “speed of need.” As a result over the last several years the Department has invested aggressively in software factories, pipelines, and technical guidance. While necessary, addressing these technical aspects are not sufficient to achieve DSO success. The Department also needs to ensure that a skilled, motivated workforce is available, plugged in where they can best impact mission success, and given responsibilities that are commensurate with the need and their skillsets. The Department of Defense, the world’s largest engineering organization, also requires systems optimized for the development and application of appropriate knowledge and expertise. Our team works with stakeholders across this large-scale organizational transformation. In this talk, I address our work in building out assets in our “Organizational Playbook,” aimed at making people central to the design of DSO ecosystems.

Speaker Bio:

Mr. Sean Brady is the DoD’s Senior Lead for Software (SW) Acquisition, in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Enablers (DASD(AE)). He serves as the functional manager for defense SW modernization policy, programs, and congressional initiatives to ensure the US dominates in digital warfighting capability delivery. He leads development and execution of the new DoD Software Acquisition Pathway policy, major program enablement and adoption of DevSecOps, and workforce development for DoD SW Engineering & Acquisition talent (200K+ professionals).