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Schlomo Schapiro

Schlomo Schapiro

Schlomo Schapiro

Deutsche Bahn Systel

Session Name: Automated Governance - Building a Compliant by Default Environment

How to combine the Kubernetes Resource Model, GitOps and automated compliance certification to create a compliant-by-default work environment for developers.

A highly automated continuous deployment environment creates a whole new world of challenges for companies to meet their compliance and governance requirements. Traditional - manual - processes don’t manage to keep up with quick and frequent releases.

The solution to this conflict of interests is the automation of all compliance checks and the automated certification of every software delivery into production. Sounds obvious and simple, but it is difficult to implement.

The talk shows how we tackle this topic at Deutsche Bahn and how we create solutions for automated compliance certification for cloud platforms and Kubernetes. It starts from the theoretical background, goes over implementation details and concludes with an IT strategy based on this approach.

Speaker Bio:

Schlomo is a DevOps and Open Source expert who likes to bridge business goals with IT. Tech enthusiast reducing systemic complexity. Change agent with deep technical and analytical understanding. Innovating a better Internet for the open knowledge society.