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Session Name: Transforming Cloud-Native Resiliency: Chaos Engineering with LitmusChaos

How can Cloud-Native environments continue to run smoothly as they grow and include more services? The only constant is change. We live in a world where technology is progressing at a rapid speed in every direction. With technologies like Kubernetes, apps perform considerably better in terms of performance. We don't have outages as regularly as we did five years ago. But everything comes at a cost, greater innovation brings more complexity, making it a never-ending game to stay on top of application dependability concerns.

There are business-critical services and apps operating on Cloud-Native infrastructures today, and Chaos Engineering has emerged as a compelling technique for improving the millions of applications in production. Chaos Engineering has evolved in the past few years with the development of the Cloud-Native paradigm. Chaos testing is seen as a must for all Cloud-Native practitioners emphasizing reliability as a container challenge.

In this talk, we’ll take a look at how automated Chaos Engineering can be achieved with LitmusChaos and also observe how LitmusChaos combines adjustable contexts to automatically initiate chaos experiments as application states change. You’ll get a clear idea of how chaos engineering affects the larger community and also how LitmusChaos can be a solution the masses should adopt.

Speaker Bio:

Sayan Mondal is a Senior Software Engineer at Harness, the industry's first Software Delivery Platform to use AI to simplify your DevOps processes. He combines the knowledge and know-how of LitmusChaos to deliver innovative solutions to the Chaos Engineering industry.

As a former Chaos Engineer, Sayan was recognized for building/improving ChaosCenter and he currently helps leadership to drive the adoption of cutting-edge solutions in Chaos Engineering.