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Sarah Mueck

Sarah Mueck

SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH

Session Name: Oups already Agile! DevOps remains

Agile roots 

Our company has been founded an agile company, without knowing the term “agile”.

Being agile lies in the nature of each individual and stand for values that are implemented in our DNA, e.g. respect, self-responsibility, learning, etc.  For us there are additionally two important aspects of agility, which changes the culture of you company:  networking and self-organisation.  Of course, there are other points that could be listed and which are important. What we want to say is that if many people with such values and characters come together,  it promotes agile action and increases the innovation and sustainability of the company.  We are living with these values and more since over 23 years and nobody called it “agile” in the beginning.

Speaker Bio:

Sarah Mueck is a mathematics and started to work in IT 8 years ago. Starting to learn enterprise IT in an applied fashion with customer projects and practical experience. The math background helped a lot to understand quickly the concepts. To get a theoretical and architectural view of IT, she finished a second Master in IT security. Last year, she grounded the DevOps Competence Center at SVA, which has now grown into a Business Unit called Agile IT and Software Development. It consist of the areas agile culture, Software development, CICD, Infrastructure as Code, Container Platforms and Multicloud Management.