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Sanjeev Sharma

Sanjeev Sharma


Session Name: You don’t need SRE. What you need is SRE.

SRE, that is SRE as defined by Google, is not applicable for most organizations. Organizations need to take the thought process and culture behind Google’s SRE and adapt it just enough to make it suitable and viable for their organization’s business needs. As I see it today, large enterprises are mostly failing at doing this. They are either attempting to adopt SRE in its purest form, not realizing they are not Google, or totally changing (corrupting) it to suit how they do things, how they have always done things, to their broken culture, hence making what they call SRE, SRE in name only.

This session will delve into the underlying philosophy behind SRE and present practical approaches to adapt and adopt SRE in the enterprise.

Session Name: Multi-cloud Snake Oil

Most multi-cloud solutions are unfortunately far from being able to deliver on any of their promises. And may never do so. Their powerpoint is way ahead of their code. Furthermore, most companies expressing the desire and intent to be Multi-Cloud, do not really have such needs. The need to be Multi-cloud in most cases is Snake Oil being sold to them by Multi-Cloud solution vendors.

This session will examine scenarios that need, and those that do not need multi-cloud. It will examine why achieving multi-cloud deployment is not easy, in most cases not possible. And most importantly, for most organizations, not needed. Going down this path blindly can be painful and very expensive.

Speaker Bio:

Internationally renowned Cloud Adoption, DevOps/DevSecOps Transformation, and Data Modernization Executive. Industry Analyst, Thought Leader, Technology and Strategy Advisor, Startup Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, YouTuber and bestselling Author. Author of ‘The DevOps Adoption Playbook’, and ‘DevOps For Dummies, IBM Edition’. Keynote speaker at global IT conferences.