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Sangam Biradar

Sangam Biradar


Session Name: Less Risky Business- Ways to Reduce Cloudnative Provisioning Issues

As per the national vulnerability database as of 2021, there were 1, 564 vulnerabilities reported. We are moving toward cloud native provisioning and security as code achieved through self-healing cloud native infrastructure. In this talk, we will detect compliance and security violations across infrastructure as code to mitigate risk before provisioning cloud native infrastructure.



Speaker Bio:

Sangam is working as a Developer Advocate APAC at Accurics with focus on Cyber resilience, which can only be achieved through self-healing cloud native infrastructure. He's also a Docker Community Award Winner at Dockercon2020 / Okteto Community Leader & Co-Author of Learn Lightweight Kubernetes with k3s (2019) ,Packt Publication. He also runs the Independent KubeDaily community.