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Session Name: Beyond Monitoring: The Rise of Observability Platform

"System availability and performance are not stand-alone goals hence non-availability and under-performance of applications and systems in IT landscape will negatively affect user experience and customer satisfaction causing revenue losses for organizations.

In a complex, multi-layered, distributed computing environment with so many interdependencies that are impossible to keep track of, full-stack observability enables organizations to find a needle in the haystack, by identifying and responding to systems issues before they affect customers.

Observability provides multiple stakeholders with actionable insights into the complex, multi-layered, distributed IT infrastructure and is a capability of modern enterprises. Observability enables end-to-end data visibility across multi-layered IT architecture simplifying root cause analysis. DevOps and SRE teams can quickly identify and resolve issues no matter where they originate or at what point in the software lifecycle they emerge. This talk will provide you with an understanding of methods, processes, and tools that can be leveraged for an enterprise scale observability platform."


Speaker Bio:

An enterprise architect with more than 20+ years of experience in the ICT industry, and spans across systems integration, advisory, and product development roles. He is an Open Group TOGAF, Oracle Master Java EA, TMForum NGOSS, IBM SOA Solutions, IBM Cloud Solutions, ITIL Foundation V3, COBIT 5, and AWS Solution Architect—Associate certified enterprise architect. He is a subject matter expert on large-scale complex architecture transformation domains. He has worked on multiple architecture transformations and modernization initiatives in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East Regions that presented a phased roadmap to the transformation that maximized the business value while minimizing costs and risks.