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Saloni Narang

Saloni Narang

SAP Labs

Session Name: k3s ,k3d, k9s, k8s - what are all the numbers about ?

"Kubernetes is a very popular tool with the famous acronym ""k8s"", and the whole ecosystem has many tools starting with ""k"" or ""Kube"". However, did you know that there are now tools and even distributions that came into existence with similar patterns like ""k3s"", ""k3d"" and even, ""k9s""?
This talk will focus on solving the mystery of these new acronyms and clear things clear for the community. The speakers will explain the concepts related to k3s, k3d, k9s, and run hands-on demo for each of them. They will also tell what to use when the question for all the tools/distribution.
At the end of the talk, attendees will be able to clearly tell the differences/similarities for all the products and tools, and be able to choose the right ones for different scenarios."

Speaker Bio:

"Saloni is a Developer Working at SAP Labs. She has worked on different cloud tools including GCP,
Oracle, AWS. She loves to read about new open-source
tools in the Cloud Native landscape.
She has been very active in the community for organizing
various meetups and speaking as well.
Saloni is an active member in opensource community and
write blogs. In free time she loves to engage with different
people on Slack and twitter."