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Session Name: Customer-Centric SRE & CloudOps: Treating Your Operations Platform as an Internal Product

Digital services have reached critical mass, making nonstop uptime a business requirement. To ensure uptime at scale, operations and SRE teams should take a customer-centric approach to reliability and resiliency, treating their operations platform as an internal product. Benefits include enhanced collaboration between operations and development, continuous feedback and improvement, and self-service access to infrastructure. Ryan will discuss requirements for customer-centric CloudOps, the characteristics of high-performing operations teams, and how to enhance service reliability through automation, collaboration, continuous feedback, and self-service.

This session will explore how customer-centric CloudOps improves service reliability, security and compliance and at the same time enables teams to deliver software and innovation faster. A key component is a human-in-the-loop automation which makes it possible for processes to be incrementally automated while keeping humans in charge and their judgment and context intact.

Attendees will learn why operations are fundamental to product discovery, how the complexity of infrastructure is impacting incident management and how the traditional support model is shifting.

Speaker Bio:

Ryan Taylor is the VP of customer success and solutions engineering at Transposit. Ryan has over 15 years of experience as a leader in technical operations with expertise in product development for internal services and SaaS products. Ryan joined Transposit after almost five years at Hulu as director of production operations. Prior to Hulu, Ryan led the global Intuit operations and application operations teams for QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint.com. His career began at ABC Financial when the business realized the advantages of software development. Contributing to a SaaS product early-on led him to pursue hands-on technical operations roles at multiple companies, shaping the leader he is today.