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Ryan Lockard


Ryan Lockard


Ryan Lockard is an executive leader, recognized globally for his impact to organizations, teams, and people. He has 20 years experience working in multiple verticals, including; financial services, healthcare, insurance, publishing, media, advertising, retail and others. Ryan is known for his passionate leadership in technologies such as cloud, infrastructure-as-code, design thinking, application development, security and data center migrations.

Ryan is well respected as an international keynote speaker on topics within the cloud, DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, Agile and Lean communities. Many of his talks and written works have been cited in various ways, including a doctoral thesis, various industry association publications and even as part of post-graduate curriculum at a major university.

Ryan currently works as an executive consultant advising the worlds largest, heavily regulated, enterprises on how to securely adopt modern ways of working. As a trusted advisor at the highest level, he has partnered on

A finalist for the 2016 Philadelphia Tech Leader of the Year, Ryan also serves as a coach and mentor to emerging delivery professionals. He was also a member of the Harrisburg University corporate faculty teaching inaugural post-graduate lean/agile courses, and a founding member and former board member of the Agile Uprising.

Session: The Enterprise SRE (eSRE) Approach

If World War III broke out and you wanted to check the Internet was still operational the only thing you would do is try Google.com. 

Why? Because Google is so agonizingly reliable. They realized one thing:

The prerequisite to success is reliability.

In Contino’s extensive experience in the enterprise, SRE helps turn fragile, error prone enterprise computing into robust systems. Even further, with Contino’s Enterprise Site Reliability Engineering (eSRE), you can tap into your organization’s ability to connect technology decisions to the customer experience (or business decisions).

But not every enterprise faces the same scale issues is as as Google! Tune in for the principles and practices that can help you to establish SRE in the tricky, unpredictable context of the modern enterprise.

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