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Session Name: Data Mesh: From Concept to Code

Data Mesh is the big new paradigm in data architecture, like microservices for data. Let's break through the hype and see why it's catching on, what's involved in building a mesh implementation and what tech is involved. We'll understand the range of mesh use cases, how cloud providers and commercial data platforms can help and what specific types of tools are available for fulfilling data mesh capabilities.


Speaker Bio:

A technologist passionate about data, Ryan works with clients on large-scale data and AI initiatives. Ryan helps organizations get more value from data. His work includes strategies to productionize machine learning, organizing the way data is captured and shared, and selecting the right data technologies and optimal team structures. He has over 15 years of experience and is the author of the Thoughtworks Guide to Evaluating MLOps Platforms, as well as many widely read articles about MLOps, software design, and delivery.