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Ryan Chambers

Ryan Chambers

State Farm

Session Name: The Ops in DevOps is a VERB. It is not a Noun!

As the #1 insurer of cars and homes in the United States, State Farm® has embarked on a journey to fundamentally change the way teams deliver software through DevOps. State Farm has reshaped the way teams work and interact from the adoption of DevOps practices and behaviors, to the realignment into empowered product teams, but how do you balance the organizational need to manage risk and provide governance of the Software Delivery Life Cycle at a highly regulated company?
This session provides attendees an in-depth look at the State Farm journey to embed a loosely coupled event architecture into our DevOps toolchain to broadcast key events in the SDLC. This has allowed us to bring better overall compliance to the State Farm internal standards and policies and development teams don't even know they are broadcasting events. The capturing of DevOps Events and their corresponding data has allowed us to capture a holistic picture of what really happens during the life of a code change and this leads to opportunities to use real time data and automation to govern our SDLC instead of the dreaded manual reviews or controls.

Speaker Bio:

Ryan is a Technology Engineer that strives to change the way software is delivered. Ryan started his career at State Farm Insurance in 2010, and has been a member of a variety of different teams across the organization. It wasn’t until joining the Delivery Experience team in 2019 that Ryan’s focus was directed towards building enterprise solutions that provide visibility to the software development lifecycle.