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Russ Parmer


Russ Parmer

State Farm

Session: GitOps FTW

This presentation will walk through State Farm’s adoption of GitOps by harvesting practices that we’re already doing towards leveraging Git as the single source of truth for change. Change includes application code, infrastructure and config being applied to our modern, strategic platforms - AWS and Kubernetes.

About Russ Parmer

Currently, I am a Software Developer at State Farm.  My primary focus has been helping to enable and mature State Farm’s CI/CD practices for public cloud and Kubernetes environments.  I began my career in retail management before being blessed with the opportunity to return to school.  In 2015 I earned my Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering degree from Arizona State University.  I like to tell people I took the ‘scenic route’ through college, but it is more of a reminder that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

I’ve been married to my fantastic wife for 11 years and we have 2 (mostly) wonderful children.  They are ages 6 and 4 and do their best to keep us on our toes.  My wife and I both enjoy fitness and the outdoors.