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Ronen Freeman

Ronen F

Ronen Freeman


I am an Electrical Engineer, majoring in Information Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. From before qualifying, I have been working in Software Engineering teams with the attitude of "If it doesn’t fit anyone's (tech) job title, I'll take it!" I have worked in all corners of Software from machine learning, to developing, to automation and finally landing (and sticking in) DevOps.

Session: Multi Cloud "day-to-day" DevOps Power Tools

As DevOps Engineers we are facing a new challenging era of Multi Cloud. This requires us to become tool ninjas and master tens of different products just to perform our day to day operations such as; deploying new target platforms, applications and day two operations. 
Do we really need to be? It can be greatly overwhelming or sometimes deterring for a new Engineer trying to navigate his way in this niche subset of Software Engineering. 

In this presentation, I will cover and demonstrate the power tools which help me tackle the new Multi Cloud reality. Following this presentation, the participant will gain valuable insight and skills in the Software that I have learned to be essential in practising the art of DevOps.