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Roman Pickl

Roman Pickl


Session Name: Are we really moving faster? How visualizing flow changed the way we work

Are we really moving faster?

After putting in countless hours improving the deployment pipeline, investing in automation and deploying new technologies, it is time to ask this fundamental question: "Are we really moving faster?"

This is a story of how we made work visible by applying Flow Metrics to discover bottlenecks and improve flow.

The session will leave you with concrete steps to implement key metrics, automatically collect and visualize them on an open source dashboard and find an answer to this important question.

Key Takeaways:
  • A brief Intro to Value Stream Mapping
  • Actionable Flow Metrics
  • An Implementation Example using an Open Source Solution
  • References and pointers to advanced material

Speaker Bio:

Roman is an experienced speaker at conferences, a technical project manager at Elektrobit and former CTO at fluidtime. Due to his background in software engineering as well as business administration, Roman has specialized in working at the crossroads of technology and business innovation, DevOps being the sweet spot.