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Session Name: How To Achieve (Actual) GitOps With Terraform and Kubernetes

GitOps might sound like a self-explanatory term, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Many think this just means to store your Infrastructure-as-Code in Git, then have the pipeline run the code, but it is actually much more complicated than that. True GitOps takes the deployment out of CI/CD, and the most popular solutions are using Kubernetes controllers to do all the heavy lifting. So if we can't just store our HCL files in a repository and have that trigger a pipeline, how can we use Terraform in a true GitOps fashion? Let me take you through your options, and show you how to take your Terraform automation to the next level.

Speaker Bio:

Roberth is a self-proclaimed "cloud automator", and works primarily with Microsoft Azure infrastructure, DevOps, and Cloud Native technology. While originally from above the arctic circle, he currently resides in the capital of Norway, where he works for Crayon Group. He currently holds the title Microsoft MVP in the Azure category, as well as HashiCorp Ambassador.
He is active in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, being part of the TAG App Delivery and co-chair of the Cooperative Delivery working group. Furthermore, he is the founder of the Norwegian PowerShell User Group and Azure Cloud Native User Group, and is an Open Source advocate.