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Robert Daitzman


Robert Daitzman


Robbie Daitzman is currently the Technical Lead for Reliability Engineering at Vanguard. In this role, he not only leads the build out of an internal Chaos Engineering platform, but also leads the culture shift to embracing failure and being able to learn from it. Robbie is passionate about exploring new ways to help shape the human side of the systems we use/build and then complementing that with technology!

Session: Things Break, But How Do We Move Forward?

As our systems continue to become increasingly distributed and complex, only one thing is guaranteed: failure is inevitable. What is important is that we accept this truth, and begin to understand how we can use this as a way to continue building increasingly reliable systems!

Accepting that failures will happen is only the first step, we also need a way to begin capturing these experiences as learnings and sharing them across your organization. Additionally, while learning from failure is important, we need to identify where things went well and continue doing those things that are able to keep us in bed throughout the night!