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Session Name: Over Nine Billion Dollars of SRE Lessons - The James Webb Space Telescope

With over a decade of work and over 9 billion dollars invested, the James Webb Space Telescope had to launch perfectly and every single point of failure had to pass successfully. This is a deployment any SRE would be proud of! In this session, you will learn many SRE lessons through NASA's experiences in developing and launching exploratory probes. These lessons will range from redundant development of multiple components to repairable components (both repairable monoliths and repairable orchestration platforms) culminating in techniques for developing reliable components and services.



Speaker Bio:

Robert works for IBM, helping clients improve their IT Operations. He is an SRE and AIOps evangelist who enjoys helping others solve problems even more than he enjoys solving them himself. Robert has over 20 years of experience in IT development & operations and is happiest when learning something new. He lives in Israel with his wonderful wife and two children. His hobbies include history, space exploration, and bird photography.