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Session Name: DevOps Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don’t Stop and Secure It Once in a While, You Could Miss It

Remember Ferris Bueller... Bueller... Bueller? Ferris woke up one morning saying "how could I be expected to handle school on a day like this?" and that begins a day filled with seeking adventure. Well trying to elegantly intersect security with DevOps these days can also leave us feeling a bit like Ferris did about high school that day. But it doesn't have to be. From the iconic opening scene, the infamous Mr. Peterson call, Abe Froman - Sausage King of Chicago, and more, Ferris provides us with key insights on the impact security can have. Join us as we borrow a few lessons from Ferris to see what we can do to move security from mundane to marvelous.

Speaker Bio:

Rob is an Application Security Evangelist for HCL and is one of the hosts of the Application Paranoia podcast. Prior to this, Rob spent 14 years with IBM in various roles including Application Security Evangelism, Sales Enablement, and Rational Field Services. Rob has worked with clients around the world and has spoken numerous times, such as ADDO 2020, DOES 2021, and the Agile+Techwell 2020 DevSecOps Summit. Prior to IBM, Rob worked as a configuration management specialist. Rob graduated from the University of Southern California and is an avid fan of college football. When not at work, Rob enjoys spending time with family, serving with his church, running & cycling. Connect on Twitter using handle @Robservatory or Linkedin or Instragram