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Rob Akershoek

Rob Akershoek

Fruition Partners

Session Name: Make IT Flow using Value Stream Management

Most IT organizations still have a fragmented process and tooling landscape across the different teams due to a lacking vision and architecture for their end-to-end DevOps tool chain (and underlying ways of working and associated data model). This is an impediment to achieve: Better Value Sooner Safer and Happier (BVSSH). Learn how to make IT flow across your software value streams by taking an architectural approach to design and operate DevOps tool chains enabling Value Stream Management.



Speaker Bio:

Rob Akershoek is senior IT management architect at Fruition Partners and chair of the IT4IT Forum within The Open Group. He is leading the development of The Open Group DevOps standard as part of the IT4IT Forum. He helps IT organizations to transform and become a more lean and agile service provider, ready to manage the new digital ecosystem consisting of a hybrid cloud environment provided by a multi-vendor sourcing landscape. He is architecting the new IT organization combing practices and concepts such as (Scaled) Agile development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, Security Management with established IT service management methodologies. He assists IT organizations in their IT automation journey covering the entire IT value chain including portfolio management, the DevOps toolchain including CI/CD, test management, monitoring and event management, risk and security management, ITSM, CMDB, cloud orchestration, etc. He also assists organizations to leverage new IT management technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, ChatBots, Operational data analytics and self-service portals.