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Randy Mann

Randy Mann

Missile Defense Agency

Session Name: Implementing DevSecOps in MDA GMD

The threat to the homeland is lethal and continuing to evolve. Adversaries are fielding diverse and expansive ranges of modern offensive missile systems.

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) mission is to develop and deploy a layered Missile Defense System to defend the United States, its deployed forces, allies, and friends from missile attacks in all phases of flight. The MDA layered defense strategy includes Operation & Readiness, Production & Fielding, and Development & Technology to deliver the capability to the warfighter.

The MDA Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) Ground-Based Interceptor (GBI) system is used to protect the homeland as part of the layered defense architecture. The GMD program is constructing a Development Security Operations (DevSecOps) ecosystem to support MDA mission and provide the capability to warfighter at the “Speed of Relevance”. The GMD DevSecOps implementation will provide MDA the capability to create, deploy, and operate software in a secure, flexible and interoperable manner via automated software tools, services and standards saving cost and schedule while achieving performance.

The Department of Defense leadership recognizes the need to deliver software capability faster and keep pace with private sector. The DoD developed an instruction 5000.87 to modernize software acquisition process and increase the speed in software delivery. The GMD DevSecOps implementation is essential to meet the intent of this instruction, MDA mission and DoD leadership expectation.


Speaker Bio:

MR. RANJIT SINGH MANN is the DevSecOps Software Factory Lead for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD). He holds an M.S. and B.S. in electrical engineering from, respectively, Michigan Technological University, and Wayne State University, and an M.S. in embedded systems from Oakland University, Rochester, MI. He is a registered professional engineer and has more than 30 years’ experience in systems and software engineering. He is Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level III certified in system planning, research, and development and engineering (SPRDE), Level II certified in program management, Level I certified information technology, Gitlab Certified DevOps Professional, Scrum Master Certified and holds CompTIA Security + certification.