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Session Name: Level up Your CI/CD With Smart AWS Feature Flags

Feature flags can improve your CI/CD process by enabling capabilities otherwise not possible, thus making them an enabler of DevOps and a crucial part of continuous integration. In this talk, I present the added value of using feature flags as part of your CI/CD process and showcase a feature flags rule-based open-source SDK I donated to AWS Lambda Powertools. Partial rollouts, A/B testing, and the ability to quickly change a configuration without redeploying code are advantages you gain by using feature flags. However, that requires a flexible and easy-to-use feature flags implementation.
Join the session and discover how you can level your AWS CI/CD process today.

Speaker Bio:

Ran Isenberg is an AWS Community Builder, a Principal Software Architect, a blogger, and a public speaker. Ran designs and builds Serverless services on AWS for a living. Ran maintains a blog (RanTheBuilder.cloud) where he shares his knowledge and experience in the Serverless world. Ran is an avid believer in open-source projects and has started an open-source AWS Lambda best practices template project as part of his AWS Lambda handler cookbook blog series.

On a personal note, Ran is a proud father of two boys, an amateur barista, and plays the electric guitar.