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Rachid Zarouali

Rachid Zarouali


Session Name: Behavior analysis to the rescue of your Kubernetes cluster

Most of the time, speaking about security in kubernetes, we tend to see a one time project, implementing RBAC rules, image scanning, so on and so forth. Maybe we are missing the more significant part here: the security of our applications. We know how to build a secure ci/cd pipeline, but how often do we monitor with security in mind, what our applications are really doing in production. Challenge accepted! Through this talk, I aim to show you how we can achieve that, by implementing behavior analysis on kubernetes at our application level (and not only). Three main takeaways from this talk will be learning what exactly is behavior analysis and benefits you can leverage implementing it, overview of tools built for that purpose and a quick comparison, and a real-world example of implementation.



Speaker Bio:

Rachid Zarouali is a Microsoft MVP and Docker Captain, international speaker and trainer. In his previous roles as head of the infrastructure team for the French registry and C.I.O of a worldwide recognized CRM and E-COMMERCE agency, he recognized the need to bring the latest technology at a production level to businesses of all sizes and founded SevenSphere. Through SevenSphere, Rachid offers training and consultancy for companies striving to dive into microservices container-based infrastructure. Husband and father, Rachid spend his spare time, participating in a number of OSS communities, teaching cloud computing architecture at a software engineering school.