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Quintessence Anx

Quintessence Anx


Session Name: Spearited Guidance: Learning About DevSecOps

DevSecOps is how you apply DevOps principles to security. That is to say, if your organization has implemented DevSecOps then security should be "de-silo'ed" from the end of the software development lifecycle. But what does it mean to implement DevSecOps, and what do you need to do to support it? After listening to this talk, participants will understand what DevSecOps is, learn about how Dev, Ops, and Security teams can develop practical empathy for one another, and learn what it looks like to shift security left in their organization. 



Speaker Bio: 

Quintessence meandered into developer relations after a long tenure in IT and operations roles. After running AWS bills up and then bringing them back down again, she brought her "lessons learned" to PagerDuty, where she is a Developer Advocate. Outside of work, she co-founded Inclusive Tech Buffalo and mentors underrepresented groups to help them launch sustainable careers in technology.