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Prabhu Subramanian

Prabhu Subramanian


Session Name:Inserting Security In and For DevOps

We are at an inflection point in the practice of product security. DevOps — the conjoining of the engineering side of many organizations with IT operations — is a necessity in the age of rapid software innovation. Organizations doing this successfully are those that are inserting security across the entire DevOps process to ensure that it does not get left behind. But how are they achieving this?

It starts with a mindset and practicing product security as a shared responsibility. Everyone in the organization, including architects, developers, quality assurance, DevOps and security teams, have an important role to play in the process of shipping secure software products. Throughout this session, attendees will learn both how organizations can insert security in each stage of the modern software development lifecycle. It will also break down the stages, tools, processes and commonalities and differences in approaches all aimed at enhancing security without slowing down innovation.

This presentation will teach you to:

  • Understand the mindset that companies need to adopt to successfully insert security into DevOps
  • Learn how to tailor the DevSecOps process to the personas of everyone involved
  • Understand how to leverage teams’ expertise within each stage of the DevSecOps process

Speaker Bio:

As the Creator of AppThreat and Lead Solution Architect at ShiftLeft Inc, Prabhu has a unique understanding of the world of DevSecOps — from building DevSecOps products to implementing DevSecOps processes and workflows for clients big and small.