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Paul Puckett

Paul Puckett


Session Name: "Now You Know What I Care About"

Before it was called DevOps, the convergence of developers and operators in the commercial sector was because they weren't delivering business value fast enough. In the Army, our business is our readiness and lethality to fight and win and the only value of DevOps is whether it delivers for our business needs. Everything else is undifferentiated heavy lifting. As the Army accelerates its adoption of cloud computing in a cloud native world, hear the "why" behind our modernization strategy leveraging DevOps and how senior leaders measure value.

Speaker Bio:

Paul Puckett is passionate about working with awesome people who have a heart for harnessing the power of technology to have a positive impact on the mission of the United States Army and our Defense, Intelligence and Civilian agency partners of the US Federal Government. As the Director of the Enterprise Cloud Management Office, Paul is responsible for leading the Army cloud computing and modern software development adoption strategy, planning and execution to deliver the Army's ability to maintain digital overmatch over our near pear adversaries.