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Olivier Jacques

Olivier Jacques

Amazon Web Services

Session Name: Making dev and ops productive on day 1 and ever after

In your software powered company, nothing is more important than developer and operations productivity. Ideally, one should be able make change in production - through the safety of a CI and CD pipeline - on day 1 on the job. This talk shares multiple recipes that we have put in place to get to this "productive on day 1" ideal, including on very restrictive and regulated environments. The PC/MAC itself, the Integrated Developer Environment (IDE), running the service or application locally, as well as everything needed to manage infrastructure. We go through different solutions for 3 typical profiles: a front-end developer, a data scientist and an infrastructure as code developer.



Speaker Bio:

Distinguished Technologist and technology enthusiast, Olivier specializes in applying DevOps patterns across software engineering and operations as well as less technical areas — enabling co-creation through the power of inner source. He created multiple DevOps dojos, events and practices which combine training with hands-on labs, gamification with badges and guidance from DevOps coaches. Those dojos, part face to face, part virtual, have been attended by 28,000 engineers so far.