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Session Name: Edit, Debug, and Secure K8s Manifests: Why Is It Important and How Can You Get It Right?

Manifests – they’re often where Developers begin their Kubernetes journey. Then, they discover YAML manifests and question their sanity.
In a clear “how-to” tutorial, learn what’s needed to get manifest management under control by leveraging open-source projects to accomplish the following tasks in an easy, straightforward way:
- Identify & fix validation errors immediately
- Provide a quick overview of k8s resources and their relationships
- Debug & validate the output of Kustomize and Helm
- Find & fix configuration errors. Diff local vs remote resources for deployment
- Leverage easy-to-use editors and templates to ensure best practices & consistency across Dev and DevOps teams

Speaker Bio:

As a long-time tech and coding enthusiast, my passion lies in applying technology to solve real problems and make end users happy - and to that end, I am eager to code, design, collaborate, plan, architect, automate, strategize, analyze, evangelize, etc. - whatever it takes to make things happen!