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Nora Kennedy


Nora Kennedy

GM Financial

Session: Continuous Testing – Preparing Integration Data

Working in an environment with legacy applications can be difficult and seem impossible to automatically configure integration tests. One of the largest pain points is getting valid test data into your testing platforms without copying over production. At GM Financial, we have continued to explore the best way to provide test coverage through data driven automation. Leveraging Azure DevOps Release Pipelines, we designed a way to orchestrate data preparation for application integration testing. Separating out the data preparation into a service call, allows for quicker test automation, central reporting and a single platform for automated test configurations.

About Nora Kennedy

Nora Kennedy is Software Development Engineer that focuses on test automation efforts for continuous integration. Originally from Ohio, she moved to Dallas, TX to get her bachelor’s degree in business management. After graduation, she stayed in the DFW area started at GM Financial. She has been with the company for 6 years and in that time has worked very closely with the IT automation initiatives. One of her biggest passions is teaching and training engineers to understand and implement DevOps practices.