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Keynote Session: Five Ways to Build Cloud-Native Apps in Record Time

It's time for you to focus on what matters most, delivering value to your customers by building and deploying applications faster than ever before, from legacy app modernization to cutting edge cloud-native application development. Join us for this keynote as we discuss and show the ease of designing, developing, and deploying cloud-native applications by using services on AWS, Azure, GCP, and other cloud providers.



Speaker Bio:

Noelle Silver is a multi-award-winning technologist and entrepreneur who specializes in conversational AI and Voice Technology, Operationalizing Data Science and Cloud-Native App Development in the hybrid cloud. She has led teams at NPR, Microsoft, and Amazon, and is the founder of AI Leadership Institute, where she is mentoring and coaching girls and young women to pursue a career in AI and emerging technology. She is an OpenShift Cloud Services Specialist (AI/ML) at Red Hat and she is passionate about Mindful Leadership, authentic personal branding, and the ethical and responsible use of technology. She was recently awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for Artificial Intelligence as well as VentureBeat’s Women in AI Responsibility and Ethics award. She is an influencer in Voice and AI globally.