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Mykel Alvis

Mykel Alvis

Offroad Cybernetics

Session Name: Four Letter Words

"There are some four letter words that I'd like to talk about. Really bad words. Really terrible words. Words that hurt people and efforts. Words that cause the rending of garments and the gnashing of teeth.

I'll tell you two of these words.

The first is ""just"". Not like justice; like ""only"", which is the second word.

These words have caused me and people around me untold amounts of pain. I want to tell you about that pain."

Speaker Bio:

Mykel Alvis has over 4 decades of working in software development to arrive at the hot mess that he is today. His career has covered essentially every phase of the software delivery life cycle, including support, operations, testing, architecture and management. Mykel currently operates Array Consulting, which is dedicated to increasing delivery by improving the underlying principles within organizations.