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Mykel Alvis

Mykel Alvis

Array Consulting

Session Name: HITRUST and Cloud-Native: So How's That Going So Far?

The HITRUST framework is a significant hurdle that many business find it convenient or necessary to overcome. Our company is in the process of becoming HITRUST certified, but we're [more than a little] weird from the HITRUST perspective. The reason is that we utilize a lot of modern paradigms that don't necessarily mesh with The HITRUST Way. In this talk, I'll explain how we started this and hopefully what sort of great shape we're in along that path. This will include how our automation has helped (or hurt) us along the way, and how we've used compliance-as-a-service tools to improve this process.



Speaker Bio:

Mykel Alvis has over four decades of working in software development to arrive at the hot mess that he is today. His career has covered essentially every phase of the software delivery life cycle, including support, operations, testing, architecture and management. Mykel currently operates Array Consulting, which is dedicated to increasing delivery by improving the underlying principles within organizations.