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Session Name: The Delicate Balance Between Tools, People, and Process

Modern software is composed of many, many parts. At a level of high granularity, we can divide these into tools, people, and processes. A clear focus on tools has made its way through many organizations, often with good reason. However, it cannot be ignored that the best tooling won't help you deal with a bad process, a bad application, or bad culture.

Today, I will criticize how software appears to be produced and point to some places where we can improve.



Speaker Bio:

Mykel Alvis has over 4 decades of working in software development to arrive at the hot mess that he is today. His career has covered essentially every phase of the software delivery life cycle, including support, operations, testing, architecture, and management. Mykel currently operates Array Consulting, which is dedicated to increasing delivery by improving the underlying principles within organizations.