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Mickey Boxell


Mickey Boxell


Mickey is a Solutions Architect on the Cloud Native Labs team at Oracle. He is focused on building customer-deployable cloud native/container native solutions to bridge the gap between open source communities and the core Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. This includes solution tutorials, sample code, technical blog posts all related to the Kubernetes platform.

Session: Open Source Observability Tools

The adoption of container native and cloud native development practices presents new operational challenges. Today’s microservice environments are polyglot, distributed, container-based, highly-scalable, and ephemeral. To understand your system, you need to be able to follow the life of a request across numerous components distributed in multiple environments. Without the proper tools it can feel impossible to determine a root cause of an issue. This requires a new approach to operations. We will review a series of open source observability tools for logging, monitoring, and tracing to help developers achieve operational excellence for running container-based workloads.