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Michal Adamkiewicz

Michal Adamkiewicz

OLX Group

Session Name: CATTS - make your life with Terraform much easier and empower your peers

Have you ever thought about how to deploy your infrastructure in the cloud using the best possible methodology? Preferably it should be self-auditing, independent of your SRE, and work in a self-service way. What's more - you will be able to perform a dry-run and control pipeline execution using the "classic" Merge Request (Pull-Request) approach. All that with "C" (Checkov) "A" (Atlantis) "T" (Terragrunt) "T" (Terraform) "S" (Sops) to make best-in-class IaaC.



Speaker Bio:

I have been working for OLX Group (classifieds brands) as a Site Reliability Engineer (previously: Data Architect), where I support European teams focused mainly on Data/Big Data area. On daily basis, I take care of our AWS accounts on all possible levels. I am a great enthusiast of paradigms like serverless, event-oriented patterns, infrastructure-as-a-code, and more. In my free time, I conduct trainings on cloud computing.