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Michael Friedrich

Michael Friedrich


Session Name: From Monitoring to Observability: Migration challenges from Blackbox to Whitebox

"Join my adventure moving from classic blackbox monitoring to whitebox observability. Hear stories from an old Icinga setup and migrating it to a new stack with Prometheus, Jaeger, and Loki. I will share encountered challenges with SLA reporting, data providers, and ponder the overall question: Do I still need a state to know that production is OK?

This talk will be useful because modern cloud environments and microservice architectures need a changed mindset when it comes to monitoring. Classic host/service object relations are not always applicable, containers run in Kubernetes are short lived, and application performance within distributed networks is hard to monitor. Especially with applications running millions of operations, where to start the root cause analysis for slow client responses in your web shop?

As I share my journey from blackbox to whitebox monitoring, I will demo how I approached root causing in the past and how I do it now. Attendees can expect to leave with specifics on how to do migrations right and keep their on-call inbox empty."

Speaker Bio:

Michael is following his passion for open source development in the cloud native world. He has been deeply involved in designing software architectures and helping build open source communities in the monitoring/observability world. Michael loves to dive into new technologies and share bleeding edge insights. He is an evangelist for making his and your life easier with good documentation, CI/CD, automation, containers and more. Following his passion, he has joined GitLab as Developer Evangelist.
When not spreading the love in talks and online communities, Michael enjoys bringing Austrian goods to Nuremberg and working on the next LEGO projects.