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Michael Friedrich

Michael Friedrich


Session Name: From Monitoring to Observability: Left Shift your SLOs

This talk invites you into a developer’s tale about ops deployment scalability, availability threshold definitions and measuring application performance. Estimated SLOs could be simulated early in the development process. New building blocks come to play: Quality gates and chaos engineering - is it possible to left shift the SLOs in your CI/CD pipelines? Attendees go on a hands-on deep dive into cloud native resources with Keptn and Prometheus as quality gates, and explore ways of chaos engineering with Litmus. This includes best practices and tips to start in a cloud native deployment journey.

Speaker Bio:

Michael Friedrich is a Developer Evangelist at GitLab focusing on backend dev, ops and sec. He studied Hardware/Software Systems Engineering and moved into a role on DNS and monitoring development at the University of Vienna and ACO.net. Michael was a maintainer of Icinga, an OSS monitoring software, for 11 years before joining GitLab. He loves engaging with new technologies in the Monitoring/Observability, CI/CD and security area and regularly speaks at events and meetups. Current projects involve Prometheus exporters, tracing and pipeline efficiency. Michael hosts a weekly technology coffee chat called “#everyonecancontribute cafe” on everyonecancontribute.com.