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Session Name: How We Build CI/CD Observability With Opentelemetry

"CI/CD Pipelines are blocked, resources are drained, and the cloud invoice for the deployment is going wild - where do you start analyzing and troubleshooting? One look leads into the CI/CD pipeline: Next to the job runs, which preparation steps happen, how many context switches are encountered, and which step is actually causing the problems?

Pipeline logs and metrics help see the bigger picture, provide the job and pipeline execution times, and fetch times for resources. Traces with spans provide more context on executed jobs, enriched with troubleshooting metadata. It is not always DNS, sometimes it’s also the slow IO cache …

Join this talk to learn how we build CI/CD Observability with OpenTelemetry in GitLab. You will hear stories about the research, the first steps with the OpenTelemetry instrumentation, followed by architecture challenges, and performance scaling and security requirements for self-managed and SaaS platforms."

Speaker Bio:

Michael Friedrich is a Senior Developer Evangelist at GitLab focussing on Observability, SRE, and Ops. He loves to help educate everyone and regularly speaks at events and meetups. Michael co-founded the #EveryoneCanContribute cafe meetup group to learn cloud-native & DevOps. Michael is a Polynaut advisor at Polywork, created o11y.love as a learning platform for Observability, and shares insights in the opsindev.news newsletter.