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Session Name: Turbocharging YOUR digital transformation with a virtual dojo

In 2019 the USPTO began a “Project to Product” digital transformation. Additionally, USPTO committed to a more Agile approach, as well as a full DevSecOps implementation. The changes required significant culture, process, and technology focus. Just as the transformation was beginning to scale, a pandemic swept around the world. The opportunity to meet with teams in a traditional learning environment was gone, with staff teleworking. A physical Dojo had been contemplated as an accelerant but had not been established. So, faced with the need to RAPIDLY introduce 180 teams to the “New Ways of Working” a virtual Dojo was quickly established.

This presentation provides a roadmap to how the initial “call to action” for the Dojo evolved into a critical transformation service that is leveraged to help teams address challenges and mature their skills. Over the past two years, USPTO has experienced significant success with this approach. From our humble beginnings of onboarding teams to the New Ways of Working, the USPTO Dojo has evolved into a virtual immersive learning center where the most difficult challenges are tackled. The Dojo has successfully moved the culture and teams from waterfall to Agile, and now addresses specialized challenges, such as streamlining contracting processes to automating IT security controls. The USPTO Dojo brings experts to the team and welcomes all types of challenges!

Speaker Bio:

Melissa Rummel is leading the Transformation Delivery Division (TDD) at US Patent and Trademark office. The TDD is responsible for helping product teams move from their legacy approaches to the New Ways of Working.