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Session Name: Building Bridges - Not Walls

"Building Bridges - Not Walls” is more than just a fancy catchphrase. It’s a CULTURE. The journey to fully engage between DEV/OPS is not an easy task. But it begins with some easy-to-apply fundamentals. And— well, a little HOPE! In my ongoing journey at Liberty University, I lead two teams representing Infrastructure (Kubernetes/Linux core) and Observability (SREs)- within IT Operations. We focus on developing supporting technologies, services, and infrastructure and breaking down barriers between the two key groups - DEV & OPS. We work daily to improve relations, expand communications, and ensure we are available. Success isn’t easy. And it definitely takes time. Cultural and technical challenges present themselves on a daily basis. But how you approach each challenge, “building a bridge, not a wall”, will result in the shifts necessary to become an effective cross-team “Dream Team” and propel your organization to new heights."

Speaker Bio:

"Matt is an “Innovative Information Technology Visionary” with over 25 years of experience developing and executing IT strategies. An experienced technology leader, who delivers innovative technology through strong communications, and creative thinking. Delivering measurable results which benefit the bottom line. At Liberty University, Matt manages the team of senior technical engineers overseeing the core Linux infrastructure, (Kubernetes) container platform, core financial and document management systems, Observability/SREs, and other key mission-critical systems."