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Martin Brunke


Martin Brunke

DevOps Transformation Leader

Martin provides executive leadership guiding organizations through transformations, culture change and driving continuous delivery, integration and re-engineering of enterprise technology. 

Martin's passion for people and technology is felt in his presence everyday and evangelist message of people first, processes evolve and technology supports and drives.

Martin's 25 year career in Leadership has spanned various industries including Financial Services, Gaming & Hospitality and College Football.

Over the past several years Martin has spoken at conferences and industry groups on executing his S.P.E.E.D methodology.

Martin holds a B.S in International Business Management from Menlo College.

Session: Transformation at the S.P.E.E.D of DevOps

During this great migration toward DevOps, why are so many organizations falling short of success?

Are these organizations missing the technical skill-sets necessary to effectively execute and achieve their objectives?

Are their processes not scalable enough to support what needs to be accomplished?

Perhaps the never-ending chase after new technology has them overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Each organization’s transformation will differ. Therefore, each success and demise will differ as well.

As a transformational leader, armed with this information beforehand, would you adjust your strategy accordingly?

I will share my leadership values I use to successfully transform both mature and immature organizations on the DevOps journey.

Do not let technology be the primary or only reason to transform.

Conforming people to technology limits capabilities. Technology conforming to people and processes, however, results in sustainable value and growth efficiencies.

This is my Jerry Maguire moment. Remembering that it is still people that make success happen. Moreover, it is the people that make organizations succeed. This is true no matter the technology solutions presented.

Lead people! Engage people! Together, success is possible!

S.P.E.E.D = Strategy - People Engaged - Executed Deliverable