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Session Name: Experiencing Value Decisions

Original research from a doctoral dissertation looks to describe how individuals in DevOps experience value for functionality and security during software development. Based on the social exchange theory, uses phenomenology to explore what experiences individuals bring to the valuation process and how those experiences affect outcomes. No decision occurs in a vacuum, all are based on previous decisions and experiences. This research explores what experience value relies on and how previous experience affects current decisions through contributing to outcomes.



Speaker Bio:

Dr. Mark Peters works for BrainGu as Product Manager, System Coordination Team on a US Air Force cyber weapon. He has worked on 4 DoD programs transitioning to DevOps. During his US Air Force career, he integrated intelligence with operational delivery. A cybersecurity expert, he holds multiple certifications including a CISSP. A Strategic Security Doctor, he authored, "Cashing in on Cyberpower" analyzing 10 years of cyber-attacks. He is also a Ph.D. IT candidate with Capella University. In his spare time, he reads, thinks, writes, and speaks. A DevOps Institute ambassador and USA chapter chair, he enjoys working on unique DevSecOps implementations. A full-up DevOps junkie, he remains passionate about new tech and widespread DevOps.