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Marius Zaharia

Marius Zaharia

Société Générale

Session Name: Onboarding a Historical Company on the Cloud Journey, or from Experimentation to Success

This session, oriented on governance and strategy, will unveil you the challenges we have encountered and the solutions we've applied to succeed in onboarding one of the most important public companies in France to the Azure cloud. Real life customer feedback and insights here.

Speaker Bio:

When the cloud computing was taking off in the late 2000s, Marius has perceived its enormous potential. From then, he follows up closely the evolution of the cloud technologies, with focus on IaaS, PaaS or hybrid architectures, and particularly in Azure, the Microsoft’s cloud. He has a mixed background of developer and IT professional, allowing it to position himself in consulting on complex application projects, as well as training and coaching teams on developing, administering and architecting cloud solutions.

As Azure MVP and Advisor, Marius Zaharia works closely with Microsoft product teams on giving feedback and insights on various Azure services and technologies, then accompanying them in the popularization of solutions to the market and users.

Marius Zaharia is a passionate and proactive member of Azure community, blog writer, community manager of AZUG FR community, organizer of cloud related events, and – in its limited spare time left – guitar player and singer.