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Marc Cluet

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Marc Cluet

Ukon Cherry Ltd.

Session: Your Kernel and You - How cgroups make containers possible

Always wanted to know more about how cgroups work in Linux, where do they come from and how they shape the way we do containers nowadays? Look no further! In this talk Marc will try to give you a bit of history of cgroups, where the idea comes from (the answer might surprise you) and how cgroups have evolved over time.

About Marc: 

Marc Cluet is a DevOps practitioner and a grumpy Engineer in general. He was "the Ruby Guy" at Canonical for a couple years while he was on the Ubuntu server team. Marc  was involved in the initial integration of cgroups and other projects like Juju. He’s also one of the core-organisers of the London DevOps Meetup group.