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Marc Cluet

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Marc Cluet

Ukon Cherry Ltd.

Marc Cluet is the Co-Founder at Ukon Cherry, a London based consultancy specialising in DevOps. Marc has over 21 years of experience in the Industry, including companies like Rackspace, Canonical, Trainline, DevOpsGroup, Nationwide Building Society and several startups across five different countries. Marc has also spoken in some of the most prestigious conferences including FOSDEM, LISA, OpenStack Summit, UDS, Puppetconf and several meetups. Marc also is one of the organisers of London DevOps which is the second biggest DevOps meetup in the world.

Marc has contributed code to several projects including Puppet, mcollective, Juju, cloud-init and helped create MAAS. Marc loves solving complex infrastructure problems and applying solid and repeatable solutions, he is also an expert in building up agile engineering teams.

Session: Managing DevOps Teams, Staying Alive

DevOps and Agile are great at speeding up development and providing quick results, however most organisations struggle to transition and adapt their team and leadership structures, which is made of FAIL.

In this talk I'll go through some of the experiences I had and interesting ways to solve it while keeping it light so you don't have to run for coffee.