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Manas Shome

Manas Shome

Tata Consultancy Services

Session Name: A Quantitative Culture Model for DevOps

The session is about defining a cultural model of DevOps that enables a quantitative analysis of people organization and behavior | culture, and arriving at a target state of culture, that helps in addressing how DevOps is achieved along with the dimensions of process and technology. This has been practiced, tried and tested across a number of organizations, and is evolving.

Speaker Name:

DevOps Evangelist and Consultant in Tata Consultancy Services. IT professional of 21 seasons. Author of three books - "Assessing DevOps" (power packed in its 2nd avatar), "Lady of the Wild Lotus" (murder mystery fiction) and "Life Takes A You-Turn" (family drama fiction).

Completed his doctorate in marketing management preceded by a Bachelor of Engineering and an MBA. Loves to read, write (non-fiction, novels, papers, short stories), code (DevOps, after all), paint (has been a professional artist), sing (performed on stage long back), play football, and live & travel with his wife Sumana and daughter Asmita. Oh yes; meditate (theory and practice of Advaita Vedanta).

Contact me for a session on Assessing DevOps, conduct a fast-paced gamified DevOps workshop, appreciating visual arts, or on Vedanta principles & practices.