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Magda Chelly


Magda Chelly

CyberFeminist Hacker

Magda Lilia Chelly is a Managing Director and a Chief Information Security Officer On Demand. Magda performs her cyber security duties during the day and hacks during the night. She reviews technical architectures, cloud migrations, and digital transformations, and provides security recommendations for her clients worldwide. She has a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering and a CISSP. Magda is also the founder of Woman in Cyber and promotes cyberfeminism or encouraging women in joining the cyber security industry.

Magda with her expertise, and technical background provides a 360 degrees cyber security support for companies; from governance to incident management, she coordinates and builds resilient businesses. Magda' latest two projected covered the roles of an ISO Lead Implementer for a Fortune 500 (ISO 27001:2013) and a business information security officer role for a regulated Fortune 500 company covering 13 countries in Asia Pacific.

Session: How To Start The Change For A DevOps Team In A Large Enterprise

Digital transformations and cloud adoption have been increasing at a very high rate during the last years. Businesses enable customer added-value services through new technologies, providing availability and scalability. Current research identified that various businesses do not have appropriate risk management, security best practices, and privacy-aware processes in place that take in consideration the implications of their cloud transformation programs. These transformations impact certainly the business operations and increase the overall risks. Identifying the impacts of business transformation and operational habits should be implemented as an active risk structure, in alignment with local legislation requirements beyond the compliance aspect.

In this presentation, I discuss the various misconceptions of cloud adoption, and current business positions and practical effective deployments as well a resilient cloud strategy. I will share the main points of an efficient cloud governance and risk management. The presentation will also address effective measures and steps to address global challenges. I describe the significant consequences when a new local legislation is in place on the cloud governance and the board decision process, including the sharing liability between the client and the vendor.

The objective is to identify fundamentals that would help addressing cloud risks in alignment with legislation requirements.

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