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Luis Gomez

Luis Gomez

Kairos Digital Solutions S.L.

Session Name: DevOps Assessment. Where the journey begins

There are many companies trying to deal with the DevOps Journey from traditional way of developing and sysadmining towards a CI/CD with DevOps. In the last three years, we've discovered a natural way to find out where to start in a company, which needs to be operative along the process. Using Design Thinking methodologies, strong automation and cloud knowledge, old developing skills and conversation, this session will cover how we developed a good method to discover how to help all kind of organizations.



Speaker Bio:

I’m Luis Gómez, a Spanish guy who has been  in the IT industry since 1985. It's been an outstanding journey where I've learned how to learn and unlearn. Whenever there are people and machines involved, everything is possible. As a Former Computer Engineer for the Aerospatial industry, I've learned some lessons about the IT industry. I consider myself an IT professional. One of those Computer Tamers, and the kind of person that must be enabled to understand machines, computers, networks and how it should do something to add enhancements for Human beings.