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Luis Fraile

Luis Fraile

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Session Name: From code to to Kubernetes with GitHub Actions

In this talk, we want to show how to deploy our applications, from GitHub to Kubernetes, using private registries and Github actions Workflows. We will learn how to start our Github actions Workflows from scratch, and in using them, how to generate and publish Docker containers to our private registries, how to deploy this containers to a Kubernetes, and how to handle secrets and configurations for our apps using different environments. This is an introductory, practical, session around Github Actions, but assumes you are familiar with Docker and Kubernetes.



Speaker Bio:

Luis has been working around software development for more than ten years within development, analysis, team management, etc. My principal interests are helping teams to be more effective in their development teams with tools like best practices and agile methodologies. He also loves to be involved in the creation and developing of all aspects of software products with proven experience during his career.