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Lothar Schulz

Lothar Schulz


Session Name: Open Source CI/CD components for GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions can orchestrate any workflow, based on any event on the GitHub platform. In this talk, I share and showcase how to implement a CI/CD pipeline with open source GitHub action components. I will also share open source initiatives that move to GitHub Actions. The audience may use the presented open source examples to build their own CI/CD pipelines based on open source GitHub action components.



Speaker Bio:

A communicative, enthusiastic and dedicated manager with extensive experience in software development and software life cycle management in the mobility, retail, internet, mobile, telecommunication and font industries. Lothar is able to initiate projects and give new impulses. He has proven leadership skills involving motivating teams to achieve their objectives and first-class analytical and problem solving skills. He is able to adapt very quickly to fast moving and international environments, adapt under pressure, and set priorities. He is fluent in English and loves to code!