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Leo Vasiliou

Leo Vasiliou


Session Name: Service Delivery Chain? Or Service Delivery Drain?

Scale DevOps’ SRE implementations through a Platform Operations set of capabilities. This session explores collated stats from industry SRE surveys, scoffs at recent analyst reports, and then uses them to make the case for needing formal Platform Operations capabilities. As a performance engineer who has implemented several monitoring strategies, this session takes a little bit of data, a little bit of experience, and a whole lot of grit - combining them into a discussion about why our digital service delivery chain is the perfect launchpad to start a Platform Operations discussion.



Speaker Bio:

As a former IT ops and infrastructure practitioner, Leo still has battle scars to this day. This is part of the reason why he now works in Product Marketing and Research to help teach the correct way to think of digital experience monitoring and observability. Leo is the primary analyst and author of the annual site reliability engineering report.